Sept 17, 2011

The Dead Saint opens in New Orleans as a sniper bullet kills a Saints kicker. It whirls on to Vienna, the Balkans and Sarajevo where conspiracies grow deeper and more ominous—even threatening the new US President, the first woman elected. Bishop Lynn Peterson, thoughtful and likeable, becomes fearless and strategic to master the maze. The gripping story weaves together a sinister plot, spellbinding suspense, memorable characters and vivid settings.

 ISBN: 978-1-4267-0867-1

Praise for The Dead Saint

“The casual yet taut style will keep readers turning pages to find out if Bishop Lynn can prevent disaster that involves the highest echelons of the U.S. government. Oden's Bishop Lynn is likable and smart, a combination that could make for a bestseller and more thrillers in the future.”  
       – Publishers Weekly

The Dead Saint is a big Ludlumesque, Dan Brownish terror novel saturated with a pronounced take-sides morality. . . .  [Bishop Lynn Peterson] becomes involved in unraveling the complicated intertwining of personalities and events because she is trusted by the president, who is also a woman. Her activities as a traveling bishop make her a perfect courier for the president and, as it turns out, a more formidable opponent of the duplicitous ‘Patriot’ than most people would have suspected her of being.”      The Christian Century

"A story of international espionage with just the right amount of inspirational seasoning."     – Fresh Review

“This is the most gripping suspense novel I have ever read. . . . Beginning with the death of a famous football player in New Orleans (the Saint), the novel spins us away to such beguiling international scenes as Vienna and Sarajevo, and keeps us breathlessly involved until a plot that is chock-a-block with intrigues and assassinations has run its course. In the end, there is deep satisfaction with the way everything works out . . . “  
      – John Killinger

"Oden's book grabs readers by the lapels and takes them on a high-energy, thought-provoking run from Cafe' Du Monde in New Orleans to the Balkans. There are twists and turns, NATO encounters, assassins and jazz funerals. Matters of faith are woven through the novel and show up in the wide-ranging cast of characters, including Bishop Lynn Peterson, her college professor husband Galen, U.S. President Helena Benedict and Bubba Broussard, the 6-foot-5, 250-pound Pro Bowl linebacker."
 – Sheron Patterson, United Methodist Reporter, North Texas Conference Edition

"This is a fast moving, well written and enjoyable novel of international intrigue and murder that begins on the streets of New Orleans and ends in the Oval office at the White House.
The story starts with an apparent random shooting of a New Orleans Saints football player, continues through the tortuous realms of Balkan politics until with the assassination of a head of state it moves to the very heart of the American political system. Bishop Lynn Peterson becomes increasingly embroiled in a plot involving a mysterious Balkan secret society and deception at the highest level, and the lives of her husband and she herself are at risk as she wrestles with questions of trust, mental and physical pressure and most important of all, the spiritual dimension of her experience.
 – George Taylor, The Good Book Stall

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Crested Butte
captures the past and catapults it into the present. Separated from her protective New Orleans family, Vini steps off the first train into Crested Butte, Colorado. Secrets and survival ultimately pit her against one of the most powerful men in the country. Set in the treacherous splendor of the Rocky Mountains, the novel reflects a place and a people with vitality, courage and compassion.

ISBN: 1-890437-55-7