Hospitality of the Heart examines how true hospitality extends beyond furnishing your guest with food and drink. It involves making them truly at home, comfortable with their surroundings and meeting their needs--both the stated and the unstated. True hospitality doesn't criticize, condone, or cut short. We share our souls and our stories and are no longer strangers. It offers us the gift of another's presence. We weep and laugh together, holding hands and touching souls. True hospitality of the heart is not about impressing someone, but rather about caring for someone. This little book will change your life as well as those around you.

ISBN: 1890437824


  Many people feel driven as they search for the secret of life. Along the way, they may overlook the real secret of abundance. So how do we find the secret not just to living, but to living abundantly? In Abundance: Joyful Living in Christ, Marilyn says that abundant life is not about being conformed to our world but about being transformed by God's love. She shares the intimacy of this simple spiritual abundance. Come explore the secret of living abundantly. You will learn a great deal - and your life will never be the same.

ISBN: 0835809749


  Manger and Mystery: An Advent Adventure invites you to recover the simplicity of the stable, rekindle the sacredness of the Advent season, remember the song of Mary, reclaim and follow the star, and recall your story and restore your call - the call to live your life in awareness of God's presence and in responsiveness to God's love. This Advent adventure invites you to unwrap the gift of full life, boldly receiving it and boldly giving it away.

ISBN 0835808610


  Through the East Window leads the reader through the grieving process of various kinds of loss and death: moving to a new location; the empty nest; a shattered dream; the ending of a career; the death of a marriage; physical impairment; mental impairment; terminal illness; and death. Through poetry and remarkable introspection she provides an enlightened path for the reader to move through experiencing the stages of grief and recovery or reconciliation in these wrenching circumstances.

ISBN: 0835808521


A spiritual pilgrimage through the season of Lent discovering again the Lent is a time to regain a spiritual compass and walk the trails of those who have gone before. Biblically based and firmly rooted in church traditions, Wilderness Wanderings offers individuals and groups opportunities to grow spiritually in this six-week journey. Each chapter includes questions for reflection and discussion. Leaders will appreciate the guide for group use and the model for Lenten retreat also included. 

ISBN 0835807436